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EFT Meridian Tapping & Brain-Rewiring to overcome chronic health issues & perceived limitations 

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Many paths to explore:

Heal yourself when no one else can (I kid you not.)

Rewire outdated thought loops with new & empowered patterns of thinking

Learn to welcome obstacles as your greatest teachers

Remember, you're the one in charge

With online daily brain-rewiring practice within a like-minded community, you will start to think and act in ways that support sustainable healing. Dealing with chronic illness can be exhausting.  Our brain patterns shift towards loops of negativity, anxiety, assuming the worst, and wondering when things will ever get better.  It feels impossible to think that they ever will...I get it. I was there.

 By learning to shift into an empowered & energized state even with your current limitations, you re-learn just how capable you really are. You. can. heal.

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These sequences target your specific symptoms, concerns, and distracting thoughts.

Don't take my word for it, see how you feel before and after. The body is the real test.

Notice what starts to shift even after one round of Tapping.

Calm the chaos

This video introduces what tapping is  and how it can work for you!


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Short, effective & sweet

These simple and to-the-point sequences enable you to shift and get on with your life in ways that feel good to you, building new pathways in the process!  You can watch them as many times as you'd like until the new pathway "sticks"


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Weekly sequences

The catalog of videos is updated weekly based off of what members request. This is for YOU and your healing as it continues to unfold.

Members of tappingwithT can also join the monthly zoom tapping calls: they're now included in the membership :)


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Nice to meet you!

Howdy! I'm Theresa, the founder of Living Roots Wellness and a colon hydrotherapist by training. I now work as a brain-rewiring and EFT Tapping coach, as I see the mind & emotional component marking one of the biggest contributors to healing & effectively dissolving the roadblocks we might face along the way.


I created this community to hold space for those with complex histories related to gut, brain, and trauma-based illnesses.


My goal is to support those that are losing hope, as nothing seems to work no matter how hard they try.

The purpose of "Tapping with T" is to remind those living with the most complicated cases of chronic disease & trauma that they can most definitely heal. 


The goal is to empower you to heal yourself when nothing you try seems to work.


Using brain-rewiring and EFT Tapping, you can learn to truly embody safety at the level of the nervous system, releasing dysfunctional patterns of thinking, behaving, & feeling to train in those that support you in genuinely living a fulfilling and energetic life. 


Ultimately, you learn how to take charge of how you want to show up as that more ideal version of being you.  This, my friend, is something you can learn to do with time, practice, and compassionate honesty.


More about me

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  • Unlimited tapping classes
  • Unlimited meditation classes
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