Welcome! Start Here.

Welcome! Start Here.

I am beyond honored & delighted to have you here. If you are completely new to tapping, this will get you up to speed. If you've been practicing this self-healing technique for a while but find yourself curious about what the points actually mean, this might explain some of the "feelings" and "tingles" you experience while we touch on certain pressure points.

This community is here to support your innate self-healing skills and my hope is that the more you tap, the more you capable you start to feel to notice where you might be "hooked" and to gracefully re-train and re-wire at a pace that works for your nervous system.

Happy Tapping!

Welcome! Start Here.
  • Welcome to Tapping with T!

    I am genuinely happy you're here.

    Here's a brief background of why I use tapping for those of you that have likely tried everything and are starting to lose hope in your ability to heal.

    There is always something to try.

    Sometimes, it's not about doing another healing protocol or diet, but ...

  • Intro to EFT Tapping!

    If you've been tapping for a while or identify as being completely new to tapping, here's a basic introduction to the meaning behind each tapping point and at a high level, how & why tapping works!

    What I find truly inspiring is that by tapping on specific acupressure points while acknowledging ...